Impressing your guests with a dancefloor If you are due to be hosting an event, you are sure to want to impress those attending it. While there are multiple ways that you can impress the guests who will be at your event, have you considered hiring a dance floor for everyone to enjoy? Hiring a […]

Choosing the right marquee features for your event If you’re arranging a special event that you’re hiring a marquee for, it’s important to make sure you hire everything you need to make the marquee perfect. If you just hire a marquee, you’re going to have a lifeless hull that isn’t much good for your event, […]

Dancefloor Hire: Marquees with a disco fever When it comes to marquees, many people don’t realise the vast amount of opportunities available to them for a range of events. An example of one of these opportunities would be a dancefloor. Perfect for corporate events and weddings, a dancefloor can make a huge difference to the […]

What events can you hire a marquee for? When you’re arranging an event, one of the big factors is where you’ll be hosting the event. Whilst this is obviously one of the things that you’ll have to arrange, it’s also one of the hardest decisions to make. Can you fit everyone in? Is it accessible […]