Bespoke Services / FAQs

Bespoke Marquee Hire Service / FAQs

We recognise that all marquee functions are different and unique to each individual customer.

With this in mind we tailor every quotation to each customer’s specific requirements.

We are a bespoke marquee hire company and out of the ordinary and awkward sites are our speciality. We have the team and equipment to manage this and make your event a success!

A major benefit of hiring a marquee is that you can style and theme the interior as you like. To help you create the perfect look we have various options of our own for furniture and equipment hire .

If you want your party to really standout we have some great contacts in the industry. We can help you add those extra touches to make your marquee special and unique to you. See our image gallery for some amazing props, lighting and furniture ideas.

My garden is split on different levels – will this be a problem?

A site visit by James would certainly be required. However, we are one of the few companies able to cope with split levels successfully.We have extensive experience working on sites and in gardens of all shapes and sizes. In the past we have built marquees on scaffolding and also utilise our own level flooring equipment. We’ve built wooden steps and even bridges so you can fully utilise the space available.

The ground at the site is uneven/unlevel?

We will need to view the site in advance before the event but In most cases we are able to level a site for your marquee.

Hard surfaces?

Not all marquees are erected on grass and soft ground. If you have a site in mind on flags, a patio, car park, tarmac, concrete etc this should not be a problem. We can use bolts, pegs, concrete weights, water weights and ropes to ensure the marquee is anchored securely.

Will obstacles in my garden be a problem?

We understand that all gardens are different. Maximising the space available can be crucial for the success of your event and so we specialise in incorporating trees, flower beds, ponds and other garden features into your marquee.

Can you connect a marquee to a building/house?

Of course! This is a great way to extend a room and create extra space for a party.

My garden/site is an unusual shape?

Marquees do not always have to go in large gardens and big open fields. We have a wide range of different sized marquees and a great deal of experience building marquees on tricky sites. L shapes, T shapes we will find a solution for you!

Can marquees and linings be installed in indoor spaces?

You may have a venue and not require a marquee at all. We have extensive experience transforming sports halls, school or church halls, warehouses, barns or even garages into a luxurious venue for your function.

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