Our wooden floors are of a solid construction and are covered with cord carpet with a wide selection of colours available for you to choose from.

Or if you have a specific colour in mind we will try to source it for you.

Wooden flooring

We highly recommend you utilise our wooden flooring for any marquee we supply to ensure the smooth running and success of your event. This provides a firm base for your guests to safely walk on.

If your garden is sloping, uneven or split onto different levels we have the expertise and equipment to build a steel sub-section to completely level the floor for your function.

We are also able to build floors around obstacles or features you may wish to incorporate into your marquee.


For any function or event we highly recommend our wooden floor with a carpet. We have a selection of colours to choose from and all our carpets are neatly fitted and safely secured above the wooden floor. As a guide most of our guests tend to choose beige carpet for weddings and dark grey/anthracite for parties and other functions.


There could be a small walk for your guests to the marquee from the house or over a field or lawn. In this instance, we recommend and fit a green Astroturf walkway. This is safer underfoot and doesn’t trail mud into the marquee or into your house.

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