Marquee hire – Choosing the right marquee features for your event

Choosing the right marquee features for your event

If you’re arranging a special event that you’re hiring a marquee for, it’s important to make sure you hire everything you need to make the marquee perfect. If you just hire a marquee, you’re going to have a lifeless hull that isn’t much good for your event, which is why you need to fill your marquee with everything else you’ll need for your event.

Choosing the right marquee features for your event is important, and these features will certainly differ from event to event. However, we’re going to look at some of the features that nearly every marquee event will need to give you an idea of what you need to hire.

Marquee hire Yorkshire: Chairs

You wouldn’t believe how many times people have hired a marquee and forgotten the chairs for guests, which is why we’re including it in this article. If you’re going to have guests at your marquee event, it’s crucial to make sure that you hire enough chairs for everyone. You need to guarantee that everyone is comfortable at your event, or they’re simply not going to have a good time.

Creating the perfect event is about more than just having comfortable chairs, but they play their part. Our chairs come in silver, white, black and natural wood, amongst other designs. If you fancy something a little different, our black bistro chairs can be a nice twist for your event.

Marquee hire Yorkshire: Toilets

Creating the ideal event is easy enough when you know what you’re doing, but there are sometimes the little details that get overlooked if you haven’t had too much prior experience of arranging marquee events. If you ask anybody who has arranged a marquee event at some point whether they’ve almost forgotten to hire the toilets, don’t be surprised when the majority of people say yes!

If your marquee isn’t going to be attached to or near a building that has toilets, you’re going to need to hire toilets for your event. You can’t expect the guests to not go to the toilet all day, so make sure you hire toilets for your event as a matter of urgency.

Marquee hire Yorkshire: Dancefloor

If your event is going to be some kind of celebration, why not commemorate the occasion with a dance floor? Although you might not have considered a dancefloor for your marquee event in Yorkshire, a dance floor is usually the go-to marquee equipment when there is a celebration ongoing, such as a wedding day.

Even if you’re not personally a big fan of dancing, hiring a dancefloor for your marquee event is a good idea. A lot of people like to dance, especially when they’re celebrating something. If you want to make sure that people have a good time at your event, you should definitely consider a dancefloor as it’s the perfect way to kick off the celebrations!

Our dancefloors come in all different shapes and sizes, with many different patterns and lighting systems available to suit you and the event that you’re hosting.

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