Dancefloor Hire: Marquees with a disco fever

Dancefloor Hire: Marquees with a disco fever

When it comes to marquees, many people don’t realise the vast amount of opportunities available to them for a range of events. An example of one of these opportunities would be a dancefloor. Perfect for corporate events and weddings, a dancefloor can make a huge difference to the atmosphere at your event and how much people enjoy it. So, why’s dancefloor hire so important to whatever your event is?


If it’s your wedding day, you undoubtedly want the atmosphere to be as enjoyable as possible. You don’t want guests slumped at tables, staring into the distance, begging internally for the day to end; you want your guests to enjoy the day as much as you are. In fact, if your guests are miserable, it can spoil your big day too: a scenario to be avoided at all costs.

A dancefloor can change all of this. It can ensure that everybody enjoys your event, creating a joyous atmosphere that emanates and embraces everybody. Nothing else gets a group of people into the groove like a dancefloor where all your concerns fade away for a few moments. This not only means that your guests are going to have a memorable day – for good reasons – you’re going to have one of the greatest days of your life, if not the best; one of the crucial aims of any wedding day.

Contrary to what most people might think, a dancefloor is a viable option for your marquee due to the fantastic dancefloor hire service.

Encourages social interaction

At a wedding, most people are possibly going to be friends or family already, making this point mute. In the case of corporate events however, not everybody is going to have spoken to each other, never mind become friends.

Returning to the previous point, the atmosphere is great when people are busting moves on the dancefloor. Whilst this creates an enviable environment, it also creates a sense of comfort, therefore encouraging social interaction. At an event designed to get people talking – as most corporate events are – this is an effective way of achieving the goal of getting people to talk to each other.

If it’s an event that’s hosted for your staff, this is important and beneficial for teambuilding. People engaging socially due to the affect of the dancefloor means that when you all have to go back to the monotony of your day jobs, staff will be more productive.

Dancefloor hire: Worthwhile?

So, is dancefloor hire worthwhile? Well, for the two reasons we’ve explained, we’d say that it is. Guaranteeing an impressive atmosphere and encouraging social interaction are often the two aims of a wedding and a corporate event. Since the dancefloor enforces these two things, it does mean that dancefloor hire is more than worthwhile for your event. On top of the discussed benefits, hiring a dancefloor isn’t actually that expensive: providing you work with the right people, you can hire the perfect dancefloor for an excellent price. So, go hire your dancefloor today to thrill your guests!

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