What events can you hire a marquee for?

What events can you hire a marquee for?

When you’re arranging an event, one of the big factors is where you’ll be hosting the event. Whilst this is obviously one of the things that you’ll have to arrange, it’s also one of the hardest decisions to make. Can you fit everyone in? Is it accessible to everybody? Does it provide the facilities we need? These are all questions arise when you’re choosing a brick and mortar venue. Of course, the venue can’t be unique to you – they’re not going to construct another building to suit your needs!

If you’re looking for something that can be adapted to suit you, have you considered a marquee? It’s simple to hire a marquee and they can be bespoke to suit your needs. So, what events can you hire a marquee for?


Weddings are one of the main events that marquees are hired for in the UK but worldwide too. Everything that you require for your wedding can be done within a marquee, making it perfect for your wedding reception.

Within the marquee, there’s lots of options for your wedding. Not only can you have entertainment such as a DJ and a dancefloor, there’s also a host of other options. One of the big opportunities is that you can have a meal within your marquee so that you don’t have to have a separate location to enjoy a fantastic meal on your wedding day.

When you hire a marquee, you can make it clear what you require from it and then the person you’re hiring off will build it to your requirements. There’s plenty of customisation when it comes to hiring a marquee for your wedding.

When you choose to hire a marquee, you can have all of the facilities you need for your day to run smoothly. This means that you don’t need your marquee to be constructed near a building. For example, you can hire generators and toilet facilities so that you don’t need to be near an electrical supply or toilet facilities.

Corporate Event

Are you planning an event to network and impress? With a marquee, you arrange an event to impress existing and potential clients.

If you hire a marquee, there’s plenty of options for your corporate event. It really depends what you want to portray but there’s plenty of options for ensuring that you get what you want out of the event. If you’re looking to entertain, there’s plenty of options for entertainment so that you can make the most of this fantastic opportunity. If you’re looking for a delicious meal where you can discuss plans for your business with fellow businessmen and businesswomen, that’s also going to be an option with your event. Marquees can also give off an extremely professional impression but also casual if you choose so due to the options to create an environment that’s unique and suits you best.


Big birthday, a graduation or a wedding anniversary? Whatever you’ll be celebrating, marquees are excellent for your party venue.

When you hire a marquee, you can make it perfect for whatever party you’re hosting. If you’re celebrating something such as a birthday, you can have your marquee decorated to portray the fact that it’s going to be hosting a celebration. Also, if you need facilities such as a bar, that’s an option with your marquee depending where you’ll be hiring it from.



Basically, a marquee can host many events. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, a marquee can be changed to accommodate for whatever you’re hosting. So, if you have a celebration coming up shortly, why not look into hiring a marquee to make your event the best that it can be?


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