Keeping your guests warm in the winter!

Keeping your guests warm in the winter!

A marquee is fantastic for enjoying events such as weddings and corporate events in spring and summer but can it be fantastic during the autumn and winter months too?

The problem with autumn and winter is that it’s consistently cold, wet and gloomy. Whilst the marquee itself can still look impressive in the rain and snow, how do you go about ensuring that your staff, clients and guests are warm? Here are our tips for marquee hire Yorkshire!


What’s the best way to keep your marquee warm? Heating of course!

Heating systems are available for your marquee so that you can ensure it is the perfect environment for your guests. Nobody wants to be freezing at a party and nobody would be able to enjoy it without the heating.

Unfortunately, you have to be careful what heating you use. You can’t just run any cable from any socket to any heater. Many heaters available to buy or for hire aren’t suitable for use as they can cause injuries to groups of people but also damage to the marquee itself.

Typically, whoever is supplying your marquee for your event should be able to supply the heating too so that you don’t have to be booking services from different groups of people. This means you can avoid any confusion and make the planning process much simpler.

With a weatherproof marquee, you will be able to keep all of the heat in from the heater and all of the cold out so that not only is your energy bill low but your guests have the best time possible.


The worst part of your body to get cold is obviously your feet – generally, when your feet get cold, so does the rest of you!

There’s no point just putting up your marquee straight onto the ground when the ground is wet, cold or both. Not only will this cause people to be cold but also cause their shoes to be dirty which won’t leave them in the best of moods!

There’s lots of floors available and you can pick whichever suits your event best. Whether you want it to be wood or carpet or something more unique, flooring is crucial for any event that you’re hosting, especially events where people will be in the marquee for a long time.

Another great option would be a dance floor (if the event permits dancing!) so that your guests can get into the groove – that’s sure to heat them up!

Lighting and Decoration

Ensuring your event has the right ‘vibes’ can change your event from one where everyone is checking the clock to one where the time flies by.

Using lighting and decoration, it’s important that you make an atmosphere and environment that makes your guests feel as though they are warm psychologically.

We all know that lighting and decoration doesn’t actually warm us up but mellow yet vibrant lighting and lively decoration can make a room seem more inviting and homely whereas blue lighting might make people feel as though they never came in from the outside.

Don't forget outside!

Once you’ve sorted the heating, the flooring, the lighting and the decoration, you might feel as though your work is done.

Well, have you thought about outside the marquee?

Your guests will be inside the marquee for the majority of the event so most people don’t think about this but if your marquee is on wet grass, how are they going to travel to and from the marquee if they need to go out for whatever reason?

It’s important to make sure that you have any facilities anybody could need such as toilets directly outside an entrance to the marquee so that people don’t have issues trying to go anywhere.

Once again, the supplier of your marquee should be able to help you with these facilities so that your event can be organised and streamlined by only working with one supplier.

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