Wedding marquee hire: 8 reasons to choose a marquee for your big day

8 Reasons to Hire a Marquee for your Wedding

Are you considering hiring a marquee for your wedding day? Here are our main reasons why you should hire a marquee for your wedding!

1. Flexibility with location

One of the reasons to hire a marquee for your wedding is you get greater choice and freedom in where you host your special day. All you need for a marquee wedding is a bit of space! This could be at your house or a family home which holds special memories.

Don’t be too put off if you think the home in mind is too small. We have extensive experience constructing marquees in unusual gardens and maximising the available space. However, there are still other wedding marquee site options if this isn’t right for you.

Field marquee sites are extremely popular. This is because you are not limited by space and they can offer beautiful country views for you and your guests. We have been constructing wedding marquees on field sites in Yorkshire for over 30 years. Our experience could be invaluable and we would be delighted to recommend a site or take a look at somewhere you have in mind.

We are also fortunate to work with some amazing wedding venues with marquee sites.

2. Design and personalise your wedding marquee

A venue might not quite tick all your boxes? We allow you to design your own space and create your own unique wedding marquee. We will always advise and offer our experience but we want to hear your ideas!

This may be clear marquee roofs, specific lighting or hanging floral arrangements. We want to make your ideas happen. A marquee is also perfect for adding your own personal touches making your wedding day even more special.

3. Fewer restrictions on the number of guests

Your guest list may keep changing in size and you may be uncertain on actual numbers for the wedding day. A marquee is the perfect solution for this. We will construct a marquee suitable for the number of day and evening guests.

If the numbers change just let us know! We can tweak the size if necessary and increase or reduce your furniture requirements. Changes can be made right up to the days before the wedding – we will do all we can!

4. Work within your budget

A marquee wedding gives you greater flexibility to work within your budget. You get to choose your venue, marquee, decor, caterers, bar and florist. If you let us know your budget we can provide quotations and invaluable advice based on this. Our wedding marquee packages available provide 3 price options also.

5. Choose the date and time of year – Winter Weddings

A reason to hire a marquee for your wedding is we offer greater flexibility on the date and time of year you want for your wedding day. Tell us and we will factor this into our schedule and have it built for when you need it!

We can provide wedding marquees at any time of year. A winter wedding can be spectacular alternative to a summer wedding. We supply marquee heaters so you and your guests are always toasty warm. Furthermore, we offer a range of winter lighting and decor options. This can also be a much cheaper option – we always offer winter wedding and out of season wedding discounts.

6. Enjoy a memorable evening wedding party

Usually there a fewer late night restrictions with a wedding marquee and the party can finish much later! You have much more control over the finishing time.

We also provide dance floors, party lighting and staging to give your wedding day the perfect ending.

7. Choose your own caterer and suppliers

We can provide recommendations for very popular caterers with high reputations in the area. However, a marquee wedding enables you to choose your own caterer or supplier and add your own ideas.

Traditional wedding menus, pizza ovens, hog roasts, fish and chip vans – we have seen it all and you can utilise any option which works best for you.


8. Hassle free, tailored and personal service

Hiring a wedding marquee is hassle free. We will always be at the end of the phone to ensure everything is as you want it. Initially, we will carry out a site visit and provide you with a quotation to match your requirements and ideas. We will also provide you with a 2D and 3D tailored plan.  Once your booking is in place we will be with you every step of the way!

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