Wedding Marquee Hire Yorkshire: a unique wedding venue

Wedding Marquee Hire Yorkshire: a unique wedding venue

When choosing their wedding venue, it is not often that a couple will choose something a little bit different. The majority of the time, couples will choose a brick and mortar venue for their big day and put up with what they have got. Unfortunately, no matter how much you like your chosen venue on first look, there are likely to be features about the venue that you are not too happy with. But what can you do? A wedding venue is a wedding venue, and you would likely have similar features that you do not like about other venues.

Creating your own wedding venue catered to your personal tastes with a wedding marquee is a unique but popular option. In this blog post we are going to look at why you should hire a wedding marquee for your big day by explaining and rejecting some of the wedding marquee myths.

Wedding Marquee Hire Yorkshire myth #1: Marquees need a lot of space

If you have previously looked into hiring a marquee for some kind of event, you might have come across the myth that you will need a lot of room for your wedding marquee. Simply, this is not true. Although it is possible to have a big marquee for large events where you will need a big marquee, marquees can actually come in a variety of different sizes. In fact, the majority of marquees you can hire are adjusted to meet your needs exactly, meaning a marquee can be designed specifically to match the space that you have available to you.

Marquees come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and a marquee can be created to cater to the space that you have specifically. This means that no matter the amount of space you have available, you can have the beautiful marquee that you have always dreamt of.

Wedding Marquee Hire Yorkshire myth #2: Marquees are no good in the winter

As a marquee is not a brick and mortar construction, there is some confusion as to when a marquee is suitable for an event. Some people believe that a marquee cannot be used at any other time of the year other than summer, which is simply untrue.

Although marquees are great during the summer months, when the weather is presumably fantastic, it does not mean that marquees are only a suitable wedding reception during the summer months. Marquees are actually very sturdy constructions when compiled correctly, meaning that they can be used in any weather conditions. Also, although a marquee might require some heating during the winter months, that does not mean that a marquee will not be a suitable venue.

Wedding Marquee Hire Yorkshire myth #3: Marquees cost too much

While some brick and mortar wedding reception venues can be cheaper than marquees, that does not mean that marquees are expensive. Marquees generally offer better value for money, especially when you consider that your marquee can be tailored to your exact wants and requirements. Marquees can also be placed in a location of your liking and be decorated to your tastes, which makes a wedding marquee a cost-effective option when you consider how well it can be tailored to your wishes.

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