Wedding Marquees in Yorkshire: A Unique Wedding Venue

Wedding Marquees in Yorkshire: A Unique Wedding Venue

James Dabbs & Co Marquee Hire have been supplying high quality, luxurious wedding marquees in Yorkshire for over 30 years!

Choosing your wedding venue is a huge decision and it may be the case that there are aspects of the venue that don’t fully meet your requirements.

Why not create your own wedding venue catered to your own personal tastes and ideas with a unique and beautiful wedding marquee.

We want to put your mind at ease and explain why a wedding marquee can be the perfect solution.

Wedding Marquee Hire Myth #1: Marquees need a lot of space

You may be under the impression that for a wedding marquee you need a large space or a big open field. Although a large marquee in an open field is an option, we have a variety of options for you to consider.

Our marquees come in a variety of sizes. We have been supplying wedding marquees in Yorkshire for over 30 years. As a result, we have seen gardens, venues and sites of all shapes and sizes. Our dedicated and experienced team are experts with complicated installations and we will look to fully maximise the space you have available.

This is certainly something to consider if you want your wedding day to take place at a family home.

Wedding Marquee Hire Myth #2: Marquees are no good in the winter

A marquee is not a permanent building. Therefore, there may be some confusion as to whether a marquee is suitable for an event or not. Although wedding marquees are great during the summer months, when the sun is shining, it does not mean that marquees are only suitable for a wedding reception this time of year. We operate all year round and frequently supply winter wedding marquees throughout Yorkshire in the autumn/winter months.

Our marquees are structurally sound and can be used in any weather conditions. We can take care of all your heating concerns and supply effective marquee heaters which will keep your venue warm all night.  Winter wedding marquees can also look spectacular! Our lighting, linings and your own personal touches will give you a beautiful wedding venue.

We also offer winter discounts for all marquee hire this time of year.

Wedding Marquee Hire Myth #3: Marquees cost too much

We can help you work to your budget and provide you with different options with different prices. Our marquee wedding packages also demonstrate 3 pricing options for you to consider.

A wedding marquee also gives you greater control. You choose your own suppliers (caterers, bar, florist, band etc.) and you can even do a lot yourself if you like!

Let us know your budget and the number of guests you have attending and we will work out some options for you – all our interiors and weddings marquees look fantastic.

Wedding Marquee Hire Myth #4: Marquees look too plain

Yes a marquee from the outside can look quite boring. Nonetheless, we have a range of options for you to really make your wedding marquee stand out!

We supply clear marquees which look spectacular, particularly at night. A clear gable end or a clear roof can give your wedding marquee a unique feature and enable you and your guests to enjoy the view.

Our linings always add an elegant finish and can give your wedding marquee a traditional or rustic feel. Lighting options are also important to get right – you need to set the perfect mood during the day and then make the party come alive at night.

Add your own personal touches too! We love to see floral arrangements, light up letters etc. and we will always assist you with this. See our gallery and Pinterest boards for added inspiration.

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