Wedding marquee hire: 4 reasons to choose a marquee for your big day

Wedding marquee hire: 4 reasons to choose a marquee for your big day

When you are making preparations for what could possibly the biggest day of your life, your wedding day, there is often more to consider than the venue for your big day’s celebrations. Before you even think about venues, you have to think about outfits, transport and guests amongst other things. Quite frankly, the reception venue possibly isn’t very high on your list of priorities. However, picking the perfect reception venue for your big day is actually very important, as it will play a big part in how smoothly the day goes.

With so many venues to choose from, it is no surprise when couples are stuck when it comes to deciding which of the venues they have seen would be the best for them. Wedding marquees are becoming more popular than ever, however, so should we all have a marquee for our reception on our wedding days? Here are a few notable reasons that you should definitely jump on the marquee bandwagon for your sure-to-be-awesome wedding day celebrations.

Wedding marquee hire: No curfews

Did you know that a lot of wedding reception venues have a curfew that you will have to abide by if you hire that venue for your big day? This might not be a big deal for some people, but many other couples like to avoid curfews, so they can celebrate as long as they like! It is understandable that couples and guests alike will want to celebrate as much as possible on the day, which is why a lot of people choose a marquee for their big day. Why? Wedding marquees usually do not have to abide by a curfew, so the fun can go on as long as you want it to!

Wedding marquee hire: Tailored to your budget

When you hire a wedding marquee instead of hiring an alternate venue, you are able to both have a set budget, and stick to your chosen budget. With a wedding marquee, you are essentially creating your own venue for your big day. You choose who you work with, where your wedding is hosted, what services you have available, and how long the celebrations will last amongst other things. Basically, this means that your budget is much easier for you and your partner to stick to, as you make all the decisions. You can really go big and small depending on what you want when it comes to your big day, making creating the perfect day so much easier when you hire a marquee.

Wedding marquee hire: Your event can take place anywhere

It is a truly horrible feeling when you have found the perfect venue for your wedding, but it is based somewhere that really isn’t that accessible, or the other way around; an accessible location where the venue just isn’t right. With a marquee, you choose both the venue and the location, meaning you can create the venue that you have always dreamed of in a location that suits your requirements. You can place your marquee in your back garden if you wish, or you can hire a plot of land that you have fallen in love with. The decision really is yours!

Wedding marquee hire: Your marquee is entirely customisable

They’re both possibilities for your wedding marquee. Anything is possible when it comes to your marquee, because it is almost entirely customisable by you and your partner, or the people arranging the event. Wedding marquees are often constructed and outfitted to meet your requirements precisely, so the marquee will meet your needs. With some wedding reception venues, you can lack space or have way too much to fill, but since your marquee is customisable, it can be created to meet your needs perfectly.

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