James Dabbs & Co Terms & Conditions

  1. Hire charges are submitted on the understanding that the site intended to be used is flat, level, firm ground with easy access for transport, and it contains no hidden cable, pipes, gas mains, drains or apparatus of similar nature that could be damaged whilst erecting equipment. In the event of damage being caused to equipment or services as aforesaid the hirer shall indemnify the Company in respect of any loss occasioned.
  2. The Hirer shall be deemed as the Baillee of the equipment upon commencement of erection until complete removal from the site by the Company and will assume full responsibility for all damage caused to such equipment. Further the hirer shall indemnify the Company against all claims for injury to persons or animals or loss of, or damage to any property however caused arising from the hiring or construction of the equipment by the Company to the Hirer.
  3. The hire charge does not include the making good or repair of damage to the site of fixtures, installations, access etc. caused by the Company or its vehicles for the purpose of delivery, erection and removal. Where a marquee is erected against a building or on a hard surface the Company accepts no responsibility for repairing any damage.
  4. It is advisable to insure the marquee and its contents at 15 times the hire charge. If the marquee is insured by James Dabbs Marquee Hire on your behalf, the hirer shall meet the first £200.00 of any claim.
  5. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage however caused as the result of the hirer or other person moving the constructed equipment and shall indemnify the Company against any damage or loss occasioned thereby.
  6. It must be understood that a marquee is only intended as a Temporary Construction and to a certain degree will not safeguard fully against weather conditions; therefore our Company accepts no claims liable to arise from this clause.
  7. The Company accepts no responsibility for labour disputes, accidents, damage by a previous Hirer, adverse weather conditions, or any other circumstances outside the control of the Company which delays or prevents the Company from carrying out any other agreement with the Hirer.
  8. TERMS OF SETTLEMENT - A Hiring will be confirmed in writing by the Company on receipt of a deposit of £200.00 or 20% of the total value of the booking whichever is the greater, accompanied by a completed booking form or written order. The balance of the account must be settled in full on or before day of erection of Marquees and equipment.
  9. Deposits are paid to cover administration costs and holding charges and cannot therefore be returned due to cancellation of an agreed order.
  10. At the Company’s discretion all orders cancelled more than fourteen days before date of function will be charged at 25% of estimated price. Cancellation made within fourteen days of date of function and confirmed will be 50% of estimated price.
  11. The Company reserves the right to supply and erect marquees and equipment to any size reasonably near to that ordered.
  12. The Company accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies or misunderstandings arising through orders, instructions or information given to them by telephone or verbally to staff other than through our office and confirmed in writing.
  13. If an order is placed for equipment and the Company discover when arriving on site that the equipment cannot be installed due to incorrect information, then the Company accepts no responsibility for inconvenience or loss of revenue caused through failing to erect as verbally agreed.
  14. Any permissions required before the installation of the Company’s equipment shall be obtained by the hirer. The Company’s payment terms shall be observed by the Hirer in the event that such permissions are not forthcoming.
  15. Written quotations or the published price list may be amended by the Company according to circumstances arising before a deposit has been received or after discovery of obstacles on the site previously undisclosed by the hirer.
  16. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any disruption to a function or event due to failure of equipment supplied by the Company or sub-hired by the Company.