Dancefloor Hire

Other Products


Our heaters are of a safe design, specifically developed for the marquee industry. Heat is ducted into the marquee from outside and is thermostatically controlled.

Fire Extinguisher

We can supply fire extinguishers or fire blankets to satisfy fire regulations.

Emergency Lighting

We can supply emergency lighting and emergency exit lighting for the doors to satisfy fire regulations.


Glitter Balls

Over the dance floor with spotlight to add a touch of glamour or a 70's feel.

Trellised Partition

To attractively cordon off an area of the marquee.

Flagpole and Base

Display your company or corporate flag.

Clear end Walls

To allow guests to take in your view

Stone effect balustrade & pillars

To give a feeling of grandeur

White Picket Fencing

To create an enclosure